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It’s a Mobile World

July 14, 2011

We all know everything changes and that change is part of our lives no matter what industry you’re in or where you live. But there are few instances through history where innovations are introduced and it forever changes our lives and our businesses. Examples of this are; The automobile, Rock and Roll, Computers, the Internet, and now… Mobile Computing. From the smartphone you have in your hand to the tablet that you have in your case and even the music player you carry around with you all have computing power far greater than the “super computer” that got us to the moon.

How is this changing the world?
If you stop and think about it, we now have “limit-less” access to the world we live in.

Maps and location services: No longer will a man drive endlessly in circles while the woman sitting in the passenger seat is begging for him to pull over and ask for directions.
Internet: You no longer have to ask a complete stranger where you should eat dinner, or where the closest bank is.
Research: We have the ability to research potential clients, competition, illnesses, you name it…instantly!
Games:?Road trips are no longer filled with the “I’m bored…” or the relentless “Are we there yet?”. These powerful mobile gaming platforms offer entertainment for all ages.
Functional Computing: Up until now most people have viewed these mobile devices as “toys” and not serious work tools…this is changing. More and more productivity tools are being released everyday to help us stay connected and have the ability to work from anywhere at anytime!

It’s the next BIG thing!
I hear a lot of people talk about “wishing” they could go back into time when the internet was getting started (and of course knowing what they know now) and start their own Google, or Yahoo, or Microsoft. The reality is…It’s here today! We have a huge opportunity right now to service the world by creating the next idea to help this expanding customer base. Not only is there no longer a need to seek out a pay phone to make a call while traveling. You can do just about anything you need to do at anytime. As a business owner I have been using a smartphone or PDA for over 9 years. I started off with a Palm PDA, then moved to a Cassiopeia (by Casio), bought the first Palm Treo and every model after it until the iPhone came out in 2006…I bought it.?Apple figured it out (like they always do). The iPhone was a true innovation because it did everything we wanted a smartphone to do and it did it very well.

No More Laptop
With my new iPhone in hand I realized I didn’t have to carry around my clunky old laptop anymore. Even though the screen was small I was able to do one-on-one presentations on my phone and sell my products without bringing out a laptop, starting it up, and hoping to find a wifi hotspot. The ?AirCard I had with me, had it’s own issues and when I would plug it in, I would cross my fingers and hope that I’d be able to get connected in a reasonable amount of time so I didn’t have to continue to make small talk while in my mind I’m going through the troubleshooting steps to make sure nothing goes wrong with my computer.?I now bring my iPad with me everywhere and on special occasions where my iPad can’t do somethings I bring my laptop.

Re-think and Innovate
The time to?innovate is now! If we learned anything from the late 90’s it’s.. “embrace technology” it’s not going anywhere. Mobile computing is here and we need to think about how WE can change to meet it’s challenges. Every business who has a website needs to make it optimized for mobile devices. “What? I just created my website, now I need to make another one?” ….YES! ?Most websites were designed with the computer in mind and are difficult to navigate or some parts don’t even work on a mobile device making your website completely useless to the mobile user and we all know that if you’re not servicing your customers they will go to someone who does. Be the first in your industry to embrace this (still fairly new) platform and you’ll reap the benefits for many years to come.

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