What's a POD & How Do I Join?

PODs are Professional Organizational Development Silos. They are one of the key ways we facilitate our culture of "co-opetition" in uLinkNetwork. Members from all uLinkNetwork groups in a region who work in the same industry get together on a regular basis to "talk shop", share ideas, brainstorm to solve problems, and can work together to pool their resources for joint marketing ventures. PODs are included as a benefit of membership and open to current active members only. Each POD has the autonomy to define which professions to include, when and where they meet, how the meetings will be run, and what goals they may plan to accomplish.

PODs are open to all active uLink members in good standing who meet the industry criteria defined by each specific POD. PODs are never closed to membership based on size, uLink group affiliation, location, or date of establishment.

Below is a list and description for each of our current PODs. If one of these PODs looks like the one for you, please feel free to contact the POD Leader for more information. You can also click on the Facebook Group Page associated with for some of the PODs and request to join the group. If you have an idea for a new POD or would like to start one, please contact Jim Pelley at Jim@uLinkNetwork.com or 916.801-8088.

You can also find more information and announcements by visiting our uLinkNetwork POD Group Page and requesting to be a be a member.

PODs Sacramento Region:

Auto Services POD

POD Leaders: Jim Pelley
Facebook Group Link:

B2B + Technology Services POD

POD Leaders: Eric Anderton
Facebook Group Link:

The Business to Business and Technology Services POD is open to all members that serve B2B marketplace and Workplace IT.

Coaching / Consultant POD

POD Leaders: Bob Tierno
Facebook Group Link:

The Coaching/Consultant POD is open to uLink Members who are Business Coaches, Business Consultants, Business Plan/Proposal Writers who earn their primary income by helping others start and build their business. It also included Life Coaches, Therapists, Social Workers who are in the business of helping others work through life’s challenges, reach their potential, or work through a life transition.

Construction/Home Services POD

POD Leaders: Kathe Barrington
Facebook Group Link:

The Construction and Home Services POD is open to all members that are involved in building and or maintenance of residential and commercial dwellings.

Direct Sales POD

POD Leaders: Cheryl Cobbin
Facebook Group Link:

The direct sales POD is open to all members who own a direct sales or network marketing business.

Financial Services POD

POD Leaders: Steve Raymond
Facebook Group Link:

The Financial Services POD is open to all members that serve the financial, legal and accounting industries.

Health and Wellness POD

POD Leaders: Amber Eubanks
Facebook Group Link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/201596239883507/

This POD is open to members in the Health and Wellness industry, including, but not limited to, Nutritionists , Massage Therapist, Biofeedback, Holistic Health Practitioners, Chiropractors, Physical Trainers, Life Coaches, Psychologists, Medical Professionals, Bowen Therapists, and Yoga Instructors, etc

Legal Services POD

POD Leaders: Angela Schrimp de la Vergne
Facebook Group Link:

The legal services pod is open to all members who are attorneys and those that advise on legal matters.

Marketing POD

POD Leaders: Rochelle Barcellona
Facebook Group Link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/107842709324991/

Meets on the 1st Monday of Each month. This POD is open to members in the Marketing industry, including, but not limited to, Marketing Consultants, Logo Designers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Advertising Agencies, Blogging Consultants, Social Media Consultants, Commercial Photographers, and Promotional Product Sales. This POD is for uLink Members whose primary business is to market and promote the businesses of others (not those who simply market themselves or their own products)

Meeting & Event Planning POD

POD Leaders: Jim Pelley
Facebook Group Link:

This POD is open to members in the Event Planning Industry and Supporting Affiliate Businesses, such as Event Planners, Event Facilities, Florists, Event Decor, Travel & Accommodations, Party Rental, Invitation Services, Event PR & Promotion, Catering, Limousine Services, Entertainment, etc

Real Estate POD

POD Leaders: Sheri Negri
Facebook Group Link:

This POD is open to members in the Real Estate industry, including, but not limited to, Residential Real Estate Agents, Commercial Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Brokers, Title Reps, Home Inspectors & Appraisers & those businesses that are actually involved in the transaction portion of real estate. For more information about meeting times/locations contact the POD Leader.

What our Members are saying

"Finally! I have found a networking group in which its members are more concerned with trying to help you sell your product than trying to sell their product on you! Adam and Jim have done a tremendous job putting together a system that makes it easy to give and receive referrals outside of meeting times. This is a group of TRUE professionals who want to help all in the group be successful. U-Link is the best place to network!"