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Are You TOO Busy?

By Rebecca Parre, Rebecca Parre Consulting I am committed to writing for 30 minutes each day for the next 30 days so it is my new habit. Ok, for some of you that’s no big deal, and for some of us that’s monumental! In the past my reasoning was that I am not a goodContinue Reading

Best Productivity Tip. Ever.

Here is the best tip I’ve found in my “exhaustive research” of all things motivational and New-Year-Goal-ish: Jerry Sienfeld, a favorite creative genius of mine, uses a productivity tip he calls “Don’t Break the Chain.”

Does Sacramento Really Need Another Networking Group?

by Michelle Valencia Like social nomads, we travel from one networking group to another, sometimes traversing two or more territories simultaneously. Hoping to go the distance with our businesses, we search for the right place to settle. Or not. “Until now,” says Jim Pelley of uLinkNetwork. “We are the first, and only, networking group toContinue Reading

Waah! I’m Not Getting Any Referrals!

Networking can be a significant adventure of self-discovery. Joining a networking group, whether you anticipated it or not, is all about the words of M. Scott Peck,

It’s a Mobile World

We all know everything changes and that change is part of our lives no matter what industry you’re in or where you live. But there are few instances through history where innovations are introduced and it forever changes our lives and our businesses. Examples of this are; The automobile, Rock and Roll, Computers, the Internet, and now… Mobile Computing. From the smartphone you have in your hand to the tablet that you have in your case and even the music player you carry around with you all have computing power far greater than the “super computer” that got us to the moon.

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