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Throwing Down the Gauntlet: It’s a Numbers Game

August 21, 2015



What is YOUR group doing to bring in new members? Spurred by the uLinkNetwork “Buried Treasure” recruiting contest that offers goodies, freebies, and recognition,  the Folsom Lake gang tells us they did something new.  They brainstormed for nearly 30 solid minutes on how to get new members. Without even realizing it, however, they were doing themselves a favor far greater than any prize. Here’s why….

There is no business networking body we know of, uLinkNetwork or any other, that doesn’t need new members. In fact the very PURPOSE of business networking is to not only value the people that already exist within the group, using and referring their services as frequently as possible, but also to continue to grow the organization so that the numbers multiply along with the potential referrals. When was the last time you heard anyone go to a networking meeting or a mixer, look around and say, “Let’s keep this small, okay?”

Okay – we do hate attrition. But life happens. People come and go and for various reasons – some financial, some time-related, and others for a host of reasons we may never learn. If one joins a networking group thinking the cost of their monthly or quarterly outlay should translate into referrals just by the act of showing up at meetings and mixers, they may never benefit. What about what we might learn from one another? Lord knows we all need more enlightenment on how to do things better. uLinkNetwork is chock full of experts from nearly every walk of business life, but we want MORE. We feel our networking organization is the an exclusive cream-of-the-crop collection of some of the most personable, professional and amazing individuals — people who HATE shoving business cards in people’s faces and gratuitously asking for referrals. Instead, our peeps form RELATIONSHIPS built on trust, friendship and experience with one another. Have you ever described uLink that way to people who shake their heads about how all networking groups are the same? If not, why not start NOW?

Bottom line? The Folsom Lake group may be small right now, but it is mighty. And it’s IN this thing, challenging any other group within uLink to come up with its own plan.  Theirs is to pair up one morning and canvass local businesses, telling them about uLink, offering some leave-behind collateral materials and inviting them to their own open house set for 9 am on Wednesday, September 9th (oh and you can come too…).  They want you to know that when you see their ragtag numbers take a meteoric uptick, their little scheme paid off.   What will YOU do?   Get in touch with Jim Pelley, Adam Frick or Monica Goodpaster to describe YOURS and they’ll be sure to tell the rest of our minions here — on our BRAND NEW BLOG. In the meantime, we’ll keep the light on for ya…..

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