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Living in Balance by Nikken

"Be Healthy by Choice not by Chance"

Bruce Robinson
Self Care Advocate
Member Since: 2015
8321 Fittleworth Way
Sacramento, CA 95829

Phone: 916 806-4487

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Self Care is an active process through which people become aware of and make Choices toward a Healthier Life.

The vital elements to support life in balance are: Air, Water, Nutrition, Sleep and Light. How we choose to live a healthier life both in and out of our homes is critical.
To learn more visit:
You Tube with Dr Gary Lindner
People I love to work with:
A great referral for me: Healthy people always looking for a better choice and care what goes in their
Who do you know, who is in discomfort? Diabetes, Arthritis, Sore muscles,
trouble sleeping, over weight.

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