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One Light Ahead

"Empowering Lives to Shine!"

April Ballestero
Coach and Founder
Member Since: 2014
3017 Douglas Blvd, Suite 300
Suite 300
Roseville, CA 95661

Phone: 9162015146
Fax: 9162015146

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Hours of Operation

By appointment

By appointment

By appointment

By appointment

By appointment

By appointment

By appointment

Office hours vary due to presentations and appointments. Thank you for your call to set an appointment.
How can I help you?
One Light Ahead resources available with Coach April:
• Team Discovery Reports – Disc certified Coach April Facilitation
o A Disc and Motive reports grouping whole team in one graph
o Individual reports included
• Disc training and masterminds
o Disc class and/or group coaching
o Leadership Growth and Development
• Group coaching and conflict management
o Team driven coaching/facilitation
• One on One Coaching

Customized coaching and programs available.
People I love to work with:
Coaching is a choice!

Please consider sending us a client who is ready to make a commitment to personal or professional growth.

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