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Kristi L. Hyland, CPA

Kristi Hyland
Member Since: 2017
910 Pleasant Grove Boulevard
Suite 120-286
Roseville, CA 95678

Phone: (916) 257-0170
Fax: (888) 510-0573

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CPA specializing in accounting for trust administration, small to medium sized businesses, and real estate investing.

Why have I chosen to focus on trust/fiduciary accounting (including small businesses and real estate investing)?

Because, as a single mother, raising three boys on her own, family is everything to me, and trusts are all about family. The reality is, those families that bring me in to handle the accounting for their trusts and businesses are much less likely to have disputes over the numbers because an impartial third party prepared them. This removes the stress of doing the accounting in the first place, plus, the numbers speak for themselves.

My passion is to, not only reduce the stress of my clients, but also educate them so they can make informed decisions moving forward. Knowing exactly where they stand is the best starting point.

Now, the family members, business owners, and investors can focus on their relationships rather than disputing over financials.

To me, my clients are family as well, so taking excellent care of them by providing excellent customer service and solid numbers is priority number one.

Contact me to see if my services fit with the needs of your family and/or business.
People I love to work with:
A good referral for me are CPA's, Estate Planning Attorneys, Professional Fiduciaries, Trustees of Large Estates.

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