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Oriana - A Liberty Coalition

"An ethical and moral obligation to do good works in absence of force"

Janine Kloss
Member Since: 2012
1017 L Street, Suite 123
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 233-5512

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Our mission is to bring together a coalition of organizations and individuals who believe that harmony comes from adhering to the basic principles of human happiness and prosperity and who activity participate in building their local communities in order to reach a place where people rely exclusively on voluntary relationships in the course of advancing their personal interests and values. We love the concept of networking to tie businesses to their local communities and building symbiotic relationships that benefit all who choose to be involved.

We specifically stand for:
Local Governance
Individual Liberty
Strong Communities

We are brand new and looking to foster growth within great businesses that rely on voluntary community networks to thrive.
People I love to work with:
We love to work with people who have an innovative approach to community building. We are most interested in removing artificial barriers so that people are able to thrive on their own without being tamped down by "the system" or regulations that don't support the flourishing of the human spirit. Sharing voluntary alternatives to compulsory revenue streams interests us quite a bit and we'd love to network organizations with our partners if the fit is right.

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