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Karla Nelson
Member Since: 2012
Roseville, CA

Phone: 9162477817

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Business Skills Trainer
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We are a specialist for mid-market ($5m-$100m) companies where the owners are considering: Merger, Acquisition, Trade Sale or Succession within the next 5 years. We have our own Intellectual Property of standardized tools, processes, software and training that is customized into a program for each client.

What We Do: Building Total Enterprise Value (TEV)

The goal is to increase the profitability and marketability of a company. The Swiss Avenue Partners methodology identifies the detractors to value (there are 29 of them) and, where applicable, the team will work with a client to implement and manage the changes that will maximize the TEV. Our suite of tools will improve Sales, Strategy, Functional Structure and Profitability.

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