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Alternative Wellness Solutions, Inc

Nyna Nelson
Member Since: 2012
13405 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 514
Folsom, Ca 95630

Phone: (916) 294-0300
Fax: (916) 294-0324

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Seeing people enjoy a better quality of life has been the motivating factor of my career in health care.

I founded Alternative Wellness Solutions in 1998, based on my early work with geriatric patients. As I observed how they benefited from enhanced quality of life and longevity by practicing preventive health measures, I decided to bring these same principles to others.

Our team at Alternative Wellness Solutions integrates Western and Eastern healing modalities to develop a system of individualized care that enables our patients to experience a lifestyle that is healthy, natural and holistic.

Today, Alternative Wellness Solutions is a patient-focused health-care management resource that integrates quality treatment with the latest information and healthy doses of encouragement and compassion.

Because individual patients require individualized care, we use unique and systematic approaches to help achieve overall wellness. To develop a treatment plan, we evaluate a patient's physical condition, emotional equilibrium, lifestyle choices, family history, environmental stresses, and nutrition.
People I love to work with:
Alternative Wellness Solutions is an ideal choice for those seeking to boost energy, lose weight, balance hormones or manage chronic conditions. People often come to us for better ways to deal with:

- Hormone Related Therapy: No longer only for women coping with menopause, men are increasingly coming to us for help with andropause.

- Autoimmune Diseases: Many types of autoimmune diseases are genetic. Together, we can help resolve causes and symptoms.

- Digestive Health: We support you with proper dietary and nutritional habits to get your gut health back on track.

We also assist with instituting positive new regimens, such as making healthier choices for nutrition and fitness. We understand the challenges of making these new changes a regular part of your daily routine--and we are ready to share tips and tricks to ease the process so you can enjoy a more fit and vibrant quality of life.

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