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"Getting legal advice should not be a financial decision."

Cheryl Cobbin
Legal/Identity Theft Services/Biz Resources
Member Since: 2011
Roseville, Ca 95661

Phone: 916.837.1725

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Two things you can never predict: when you might need an attorney and when your personal identifying information may become compromised. Because LegalShield's Cheryl Cobbin believes so strongly in everyones access to legal advice and counsel, she provides inexpensive/high value services for both legal protection and identity theft restoration, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for both individuals and small businesses.

Everyone deserves legal protection,says Cobbin. Whether they are traumatic or trivial issues, the average household experiences anywhere from 4 to 6 legal situations per year. Sometimes you may have a pressing legal question or simply need to chat for a few minutes with an attorney to understand where you, your spouse or your immediate family member stands on a particular issue. At today's rates, just a short telephone conversation with a lawyer can cost hundreds of dollars. Cobbin is passionate about providing individuals with legal peace of mind.

Identity theft is the #1 source of silent crime in the U.S. and sometimes goes undetected for days, months and even years, wreaking havoc with your financial, personal and even your medical future. Cobbin provides low-cost services that not only stop identity theft in its tracks, but also restores your credit using the same investigative services backing used by the FBI.

Cobbin's caring attitude and penchant to help you get all the help you need makes her an ideal resource for these risk management type services. She also offers small business and sole proprietorship coverage for top-shelf legal services at a fraction of what it costs to retain a law firm. These business owners also have access to a wide variety of business consulting services, such as human resources and internet marketing, to assist with making better informed decisions. For more information, contact Cheryl Cobbin at 916.837.1725 or email her at
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A business owner who would like a cost effective way to have their prominent law firm on speed dial, helping them protect and grown their business.

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