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Dena Kouremetis
Member Since: 2011
Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: 916.984.1049 direct

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Using a word processor as her canvas and words as her brush, Dena Kouremetis creates unique content and writes and ghostwrites freelance copy, newsletters, books, and blogs for business owners of all varieties.

Kouremetis is a ghostwriter, author, co-author and consultant for five books, regularly contributes stories for Harlequin Publishing's non-fiction anthologies and is a professional blogger for Forbes as well as a featured member of the uLink Speakers Bureau.

For more information on how this uLink member can help you express and highlight your particular expertise online or in print, give her a call at (916) 984-1049 (direct) or (415) 235-2891 (mobile).
People I love to work with:
Any small to medium sized business who needs professional word power -- web site content, executive bios, ghost-blogging or original newsletter content -- you name it and there is little I CAN'T write for you.

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