uLinkNetwork Member and 2.0 Software Training @ 1610 Arden Way
Oct 11 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

If you’re a new member to uLinkNetwork or need assistance using the uLinkNetwork Mobile Application Software, this is your best opportunity to learn how to:

? Complete your business internet profile
? Set up your Social Media “one-touch” Connectivity
? Set up internet & intranet coupons & other promotions on your profile

? Inform other members what type of client to refer
? Send a referral to someone in your group
? Send a referral to anyone in the network
? Monitor and Track referrals you receive
? Manage your contacts (import, export etc.)
? Search by name or category
? Find information on other groups
? Build your Power Network
? Track your uPoints
? Access our events calendar
? Learn more about our PODs Groups
? Attend uLinkUniversity Events
? and more

SPACE IS LIMITED, –RSVP– is required to attend.

Please make sure you have created your user id and password to login to the software application by following the instructions in your Welcome Letter before attending this training.

This Training is FREE for uLinkNetwork Members, and you MUST be a member to attend.

Once you attend the NEW 2.0 Training you will receive your uLinkNetwork Name Tag