123 It’s FREE – Contest



1,2,3, Your Membership is FREE*   $5,000.00 Treasure Hunt Challenge Contest  
Contest Rules:
  1. To participate in the contest you must be a current active member of uLinkNetwork.
  2. Credit Rewards are earned when a current active member of uLinkNetwork signs up and enrolls a new member between 8/12/2015  and 9/30/2015 at 5 PM. uLinkNetwork Members earn a Credit for each “new” member enrolled into uLinkNetwork.  Any member earning 3 credits will receive a free year of uLinkNetwork membership.
  3. To earn Credit Reward Current member’s name must appear in the ”invited by box” on the online membership agreement application to receive Credit(s), no exceptions, no split credits. Sign-up and enrollment is complete when “new” member has paid and been active for 91 days, and has attended their “New Member 3.2 Training.” Thus, should a “new member” elect for a refund (within the uLinkNetwork 30 day MBG policy) that “new member” will not be counted as a Credit Reward. No credits will be issued on any discounted group memberships, or special membership sign-up offers.
  4. It is the responsibility of the uLinkNetwork member/contest participant to turn in Reward Credits. One year FREE membership will be issued directly to the winner in the form of a membership credit after the 91st day of the “new member” window clearing period.  Members earning 3 reward credits / “One year FREE of uLink Membership” will have one year value applied effective January 21st 2016.
  5. Credit Rewards are non-transferable, and can only be redeemed in the name issued on reward.  All Credit Rewards must be physically “turned in” and redeemed by 1/20/2016. Winners may be issued 1099 tax statements for their reward. Winners are responsible for all taxes. Credits not redeemed by 1/21/2016 are void.
  6. uLinkNetwork is not responsible for incorrectly entered e-mail addresses or information on new member applications or on the uLinkNetwork App.
  7. uLinkNetwork reserves the right to change, modify or adapt the contest   rules at any time.  uLinkNetwork has the final determination on all contest rules. Void where prohibited. Some assembly required.
  8. The uLinkNetwork Group with the most new member credits (minimum of 7 credits/in the event of a two group tie, winner will be picked by a percentage of new members to current members) can pick one of three Group rewards: A wine dinner w/food pairing. Or 2.) Group Photo on main uLink webpage slider board, or 3.) Exotic fun and cool mystery prize.

    * Free membership is for 1 year.